New home, new kitchen, new blog and a banana and chocolate milkshake amongst the mess!

Aaaah my first post on my new site! The pressure!!

As you will read from my bio in the ‘About’ section of the page life has had many changes of late. One of which is a big house move. Don’t you just hate moving house! Anyway, all the packing and unpacking, stuff everywhere, not being able to find stuff etc etc. Today is an organisation day, Oli has pushed a few boxes around and now gone to the gym, and I’m left doing the hard work. The organising. After having oats for breakfast I was still hungry but needed to get on, so I made this delicious milkshake to drink as I go.

Banana and chocolate milkshake : )

2x Bananas

2x tea spoon Cacao Powder (@BioglanUK)

1x tea spoon Cinnamon

And 300ml oat milk (@rudehealth)

Whiz all the ingredients in a blender – and that’s it!

Bananas have so many health benefits, here are just a few. They are high in potassium which is great for maintaining a healthy heart and blood pressure, they keep your bones strong and healthy as well as aiding digestion. Cacao powder is high in iron and fibre and helps raise your serotonin levels, which will boost your mood! All these health benefits in such a quick tasty drink.

As it’s such a sunny day we’re going to have a stroll in the sunshine with friends this afternoon : )

Have a great Saturday xx

4 thoughts on “New home, new kitchen, new blog and a banana and chocolate milkshake amongst the mess!

  1. Ohhhhh The humble banana….. with a spelling that just never seems to want to end! I love it! and I love that so many songs have a reference to it. Here is one my granny used to sing to me when she made us her famous banana milk shake. ( i think her secret ingredient was nutmeg….oh yes and love!)


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