Naturallea Loves

Welcome to Naturallea Loves. I’m Leanne and mostly called Lea for short (Natural-Lea, get it?). I’m a complete photo addict and blogger with a passion for health and wellbeing, yoga, the  outdoors, food, and most importantly life with my daughter Amelie. I’m based in Sussex between the rolling countryside and the sea. 

Here on my page you will find all the things I love. I love variety, so on my blog you will find a mix of wellbeing tips along with days out with my daughter, and maybe a little bit of fashion in the mix. I am a Mother, a yoga teacher and an NHS Health Advisor currently working in Weight Management. I try not to restrict myself with what I post these days and have come to the conclusion variety really is the spice of life and as humans we are constantly moving forward and evolving so my blog moves along with me. At the core of my content is ways in which we can live a very conscious and connected life, taking care of ourselves and those around us. 

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