Halloween family fun at Tulleys Farm

What a jam packed fun family day we have had at Tulleys Farm in Turners Hill in Sussex, near Crawley. It’s just over two weeks until Halloween and as the weather was mild and dry we thought it would be nice to do something outdoors and a little autumnal. We did a little research looking up things to do in Sussex and Spookfest at Tulleys Farm came up. I had heard of Shocktober at Tulleys Farm before, which is a scary night time event for adults but didn’t realise that they did a family Halloween day for all the family too.

Set in the beautiful Sussex countryside Tulleys offers everything you want for a fun and affordable day out. When I say affordable the standard ticket is £12 for adults and £10 for children 4 years and under. Children up to 13 years old a ticket is £16 which I think is a little expensive. However, for the amount you get to do in the day I felt that it was really good value for money. It can get expensive when you factor in food (which is sadly very over priced and not that nice), extras like buying pictures, one or two fairground type games (that you can pay for but totally not necessary as there is so much to do), sweetie cart, and not to mention the PYO pumpkins and the spooky gift shop!

Amelie is 4 years old and had such a great time but equally me and her Dad genuinely really enjoyed ourselves. There were moments where I did wonder whether it was slightly too scary for her but a part from Mummy screaming louder than she did in the Creepy Cottage when someone jumped out on us, it all seemed to be accepted by her as fun. And we did giggle. All day!

The actors did a superb job of keeping their energy up and creating the spooky Halloween vibe to help really set the tone. This was then juxtaposed nicely with the cute and happy dressed up characters walking around giving high fives to the kids and having fun pictures taken with the family.

There is only one negative about the day and that was the food. It wasn’t very nice, was over priced, we had to queue for quite a long time for it and one of the things I ordered wasn’t actually being served but there was no sign letting me know. So I queued up for 15 minutes for something they didn’t have. Grrrr. If you like your food and aren’t inclined to have a dodgy looking burger and chips I would suss out the tearooms as there is more space to sit and the quality and variety of food on offer is much better. The Noodle bar and some other food venues weren’t open so they could potentially be much more appetizing.

I think we just about did everything there and was there a lot longer than we anticipated as it was a lot of fun and there was just so many activities. Amelie even volunteered herself for Scareoke which really surprised us, she stood up on the stage in front of lots of strangers singing Frozen (obvs). She must have felt really comfortable and happy for her to feel confident enough to do that. Wish a could post the video. I have posted it in my highlights on my Instagram Naturallea though if you fancy a watch.

I would have liked to have spent more time at the PYO pumpkins which is just up the road and included in the price but time wasn’t on our side so it was just a quick look and see. But if you’re in to your pumpkins this time of year then it’s a must! The volume and variety is amazing!


The whole experience has even made me consider going back for the adults Shocktober event but I’m not sure whether I would actually pee my pants. I’m easily scared!! And if your your kids love dressing up for Halloween you should dress up too. So many great costumes worn by everyone, there was some real effort shown by the public here. Bravo to a fun and affordable day.