Welcome to my blog – naturallea!

I started posting about the foods I was eating after having my beautiful baby girl and decided to create a blog. After she was born I found that I was totally zapped of energy, my hair was falling out in clumps, I looked grey and I literally didn’t know how I would make it through the day. My daughter had reflux and terrible colic therefore only wanted to sleep in an upright position (on me) and breastfed every hour, even through the night. After 4 months I was literally exhausted. On little or no sleep I found myself addicted to sugar and caffeine. I would grab food as and when I could and barely sat down to enjoy a healthy nutritious meal. I knew I needed to eat better especially as I was breastfeeding but keeping my baby from screaming in discomfort was my priority and looking after myself was some where at the bottom of the list. To ease baby Amelie’s discomfort I tried cutting out dairy, wheat, gluten, coffee, tea but nothing seemed to help. I spent a fortune trying endless baby gadgets, chairs, swings, slings, and the list goes on but with no success.¬†Finally another package arrived at the door, a really simple vibrating rocking chair – which Amelie LOVED! She loved it so much, it was a small miracle. Slowly but surely she would enjoy having a snooze in her vibrating rocking chair rather than on me. I could have cried with happiness, in fact I think I probably did. Gradually I managed to free up my arms to make some proper meals!

I decided to completely transform my diet to see if it had any affect on how I was feeling as I was feeling pretty grotty. It did! I have to admit that the positive affects felt slow at first, but I was so exhausted and I don’t think I realised how neglected my body was. I’ve learnt that healing takes time and you really do need to stick with it. My health journey continues and I want to share it with you. I am by no means a nutritionist, chef, athlete or doctor but I have always been passionate about health, food and spiritual well being. I have a long way to go and much more to learn but I’m sharing this blog with you to inspire you and for you to also help inspire me. And if my shoddy photography can inspire you to make even one simple change towards a healthier lifestyle – it will make me happy : )

Enjoy the recipes, and the odd picture or anecdote of my little Amelie and my giant Oli.

Lots of love

Lea xx

Ps – I will get better at taking pictures, I promise!

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